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Deepen your Christian faith and learn to discern God’s will through online resources and Online Christian Spiritual Direction.

Discern God’s Will

Through a discernment technique known as the Discernment of Spirits, I will teach you how to find God’s will for your life.

Find God in All Things

Learn to recognize God’s presence in your life – not just in life’s bigger moments, but in every moment of your life.

Faith with a Purpose

Our faith should have one purpose, one direction. Find out how to have a more directional faith.

Online Christian Spirituality Resources

Man in an online Christian spiritual direction session

Online Spiritual Direction

Finding a spiritual director in your area that can meet when you’re available can be a challenge. Book a FREE consultation to see if online spiritual direction is a fit for you.

YouTube Channel

The Directional Faith YouTube Channel is focused on helping everyday Christians like you build “Faith with a Purpose” and find God’s will for YOUR life!

Man reading a Christian spirituality blog

Directional Faith Blog

The Directional Faith Blog offers ways to improve your faith, embrace a more practical spirituality, and how to find God’s will in your daily life.

The blog focuses on Christian spiritual direction, Ignatian spirituality, and ways to find God in all things.

Young woman taking a Christian spirituality e-learning course

Christian E-Learning

I am currently working on some original Christian e-learning videos focused on developing a more practical spirituality. In the meantime, check out the Directional Faith YouTube channel.

Learn to Discern God’s Will!

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Chad Torgerson - Spiritual Director

Chad Torgerson

Founder of Directional Faith

Over 10 years ago, I first discovered Ignatian Spirituality – based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It had an immediate impact on my life. It taught me how to discern God’s will for my life – first in the big decisions of life that seem to come up (where to go to school, taking a job, or choosing a vocation), but then I started seeing how it could impact my daily life, as well.

My goal with Directional Faith is to teach you how to find God in all things, to develop a practical spirituality that can apply to all aspects of your life, and how to discern God’s will for you.

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Interested in Spiritual Direction but don’t know what to expect? Book your FREE 1-hour first consultation to see if spiritual direction is a fit for you.