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Are you struggling to grow deeper faith?

Growing a deeper faith boils down to some basic ideas. You’ve heard it time and again: “You need to build a personal relationship with God,” AND “Follow God’s will – not your own.”

Great advice! But how?

Week after week, you’ve probably heard preachers, priests, and prophets repeat these phrases from the pulpit – challenging you to grow deeper in your faith. But let’s face it, building a personal relationship with God isn’t easy. And even if you accomplish that, knowing God’s will for your life is even harder!

These well-meaning servants of God do a great job of inspiring you every Sunday, but they are speaking to a crowded room. It’s not specific enough. How can you grow closer to God and find His will for your life? What specific steps do you need to take?

The Growth Problem

When you’re new to the faith, it steadily grows as you routinely go to church, but eventually, it stops growing. Week after week, you sit in the pew waiting for something to happen. You feel stuck.

The next step might be to get involved in a ministry, Bible study, or small group. Your faith begins to grow again… for a while. You feel more involved but not necessarily any closer to God. And is this God’s will for your life? What does He want you to do next?

So you turn to books, videos, and random Internet evangelists to study the faith. You might even crack open the Bible once in a while. But there’s so much to read, so much to interpret, and so many different voices and opinions! What does it all mean, and how does any of it apply to your life? It’s frustrating.

But there’s a secret: you don’t have to take this journey alone! What if you had an opportunity to have a personal guide to help you navigate your faith journey? Would you take it?

Man facing struggle on his pathway to God
The journey can be hard, but you don’t have to take it alone.

Your Personal Guide

There’s a growing trend for those who take their faith seriously: spiritual direction. A spiritual director is like a personal guide for your faith journey.

Spiritual direction actually dates back to the earliest days of the church, when the wisest Christians helped guide others through routine spiritual mentoring and guidance. Many saints and scholars had spiritual directors. Now, this practice is making a comeback in the modern church.

Spiritual direction can help you:

  • Explore your faith
  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Make wise choices about your life
  • Cope with difficult challenges
  • Discern God’s will for your future

Ready to Start the Journey?

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Finding Your Spiritual Director

Because spiritual direction is just starting to make a comeback, there are more people that need help than spiritual directors to go around. Many only do it part-time, so finding one that can meet your needs and schedule can be a challenge.

The other issue: trust. Spiritual directors come from a variety of faith backgrounds. Many blend different faiths and spiritualities into their sessions. While some may be looking for that, you might want someone you know is going to stay true to the Christian faith.

At Directional Faith, I hope to solve some of those issues by making spiritual direction accessible, affordable, and 100% authentically Christian.

Directional Faith Is…

  • CASUAL: I’m not looking for saints, but saints-in-the-making. I offer real-world, practical guidance to everyday Christians.
  • ONLINE: All sessions are completely online through Zoom, so you can meet wherever is convenient for you.
  • FLEXIBLE: Daytime and evening sessions allow you to book a session when your busy schedule allows it – from your lunchbreak to your quiet evenings.
  • AFFORDABLE: Upfront pricing with discounts for teens & students, as well as lowered prices for those with financial need (see below).

I personally GUARANTEE that spiritual direction will have a positive impact on your life. (Learn more)

About Me

Chad Torgerson - Spiritual Director

Chad Torgerson, Spiritual Director

For over 25 years, I have studied the Christian faith – searching for an answer to the ultimate question: “What is God’s will for my life?” This led me to pursuing a Master’s in Christian Spirituality from Loyola University Chicago where I focused on learning to guide others through spiritual direction.

Are You “Religious Enough?”

The first question I most often get: “Am I religious enough for spiritual direction?”

I hope not!

Beginning spiritual direction doesn’t require you to be an expert in theology, contemplative spirituality, or religious piety. In fact, just the opposite. The more you come with an open heart and mind, the more we can accomplish.

Come as you are, friend. We’ll see where God takes you from there.

Still Have Questions?

Of course, everyone wants to know… how much does it cost? Check out my upfront pricing below, which includes discounts for students and sliding-scale pricing for those with financial need.

But maybe you’re not sure if spiritual direction is right for you, or you’re just not ready to commit to an appointment yet. I completely understand. Fill out the form below, and we can talk more about it.


OK, but how much, right?

How much have you spent on books you haven’t read and courses you haven’t finished? And if you did finish them, have they dramatically impacted your faith?

For the cost of the average webinar, you can skip the class and book a 1-on-1 appointment with someone focused on your spiritual needs.

Some spiritual directors and life coaches charge as much as $100-150 per session. But with Directional Faith, the first session is FREE! Then, the upfront, standard pricing for spiritual direction is just $85 per session. No searching for fees or entering contact forms. Completely upfront. And there are discounted rates for those in financial need (see the sliding scale below).

Students get an extra $10 off. This is a great option for tweens, teens, and college students to help solidify their faith as they enter adulthood.

Pricing Options

Income-Based Sliding Scale Pricing


Your Annual Household Income

The Directional Faith Guarantee

Your first session is always free. There’s no obligation from there. Try it. See if it fits.

Most spiritual directors should offer you that. Directional Faith takes it a step further. Yes, your 1st session is free. After that, try it for 3 more sessions, and if you have not made spiritual progress, I will refund 100% of what you have paid.

Try it – you have nothing to lose. The only way you lose if you don’t take a chance. You can continue sitting in the pews – waiting for God to light up big neon signs telling you what to do next – or, you and I can get to work on learning to listen for God’s whisper-silent call for your life.

Man showing how spiritual direction and mental health counseling can work together

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